We Provide Client-Centered Legal Counsel for Truck Accident, Concussion, and Catastrophic Injury Cases

Truck crashes and other catastrophic accidents can upend your life and leave you facing devastating injuries, huge medical bills, and an uncertain recovery. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common among victims of these types of tragic accidents. They can affect your personality, temperament, relationships, and ability to complete basic tasks like caring for yourself.

Sadly, learning that you—or a loved one's—life-altering injuries were caused by a person or company's negligence is frustrating. It's even worse when the insurance company betrays you by giving you the run-around. Sound familiar? 

If you've been searching for an injury attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who "gets it," you've come to the right place. The Bonneau Law Firm is a purpose-driven law firm that compassionately shepherds clients through personal injury insurance claims and litigation processes. Helping people obtain financial recovery and justice is our ministry. 

Cases involving trucking accidents, concussions, brain injuries, and other catastrophic injuries are our focus; it's all we do. Founder Hunt Bonneau's experience recovering from concussions sustained while playing college football offers a strategic advantage to every one of his clients because he understands exactly what his clients are experiencing. That, combined with decades of experience winning in court against the 18-wheeler companies, really gives his clients an unfair advantage. 

In a recent interview, Bonneau said, "People ask me why I don't require ANY payment from my clients unless I win. Well, I am thrilled to take cases on a contingency basis because I've lived with these injuries, and I know how to win them. I have beaten these trucking companies for nearly 30 years due to an unfair advantage I have. I know the medical issues on an intimate level, and I already know the evidence needed to prove the case. Once my clients hire me, they get the peace of mind that I already have." 

We are very selective and do not take 90% of the cases we screen. But if we take your case, you can rest assured that victory is in your future. Contact us for a free evaluation of the merits of your case.