Okay, it’s taco… It’s not taco Tuesday, taco Wednesday here at the Bonneau law firm. A quick video today, talking to you about preparing your case to present to an insurance company. So Key word for the day is prepare.

Yeah, yeah. Okay, yes, do that. And just delete those quick reference calls back, and then I want you to send me the [inaudible 00:00:39].

Prepare To Win Your Personal Injury Case!And when we’re talking about preparation, the key thing to look out for, the key trick that’s being played on us by the insurance company is that once you’ve been hurt? They just say, “Hey, go ahead and go to the doctor, we’re going to take care of you. Let’s just wait and see.” And that’s usually the comments that they want to give to you is, “Don’t hire an attorney, don’t document your case. Let’s just wait and see. Go through the different procedures that you need to go to, send us your medical bills, and let’s just see how things work out,” and that’s the trick. So let’s talk about the difference, the value of preparing over wait and see.

All right, so what can happen if we just wait and see? Well, while you’re waiting, the insurance company is doing their due diligence. So they’re out there… Or if you’ve been hit by an 18 Wheeler, the trucking company or whatever insurance company or company you’re dealing with is already at the scene, they’re doing their investigation. They’re trying to figure out for themselves how they can manipulate the facts. They’re doing work while you’re waiting and seeing. And so what we want to say to wait and see? No, we don’t want to do that.

You want to get an expert. You want to clothe yourself. We want to close ourselves, get yourself in a position where you have an expert that is working on your case the same as they do. And so what can an attorney do for you? And I’m not talking about myself, I’m talking about any competent… There’s lots of good lawyers here in Dallas, somebody that will take your case, will walk you through and make sure that your injuries are documented. Make sure that your liability is there. Make sure that the insurance company is following the rules. And then the end, presenting your case in a package to the insurance company for the facts are applied to the law, and it’s communicated in the right way.

When you don’t do that, when you wait and see? You get behind, you fall behind in the game, you lose momentum and you ended up not getting a fair settlement. So for taco Wednesday and the Bonneau law firm signing off. Remember, always prepare, always get an attorney to help you prepare instead of waiting and seeing. Waiting and seeing will end up being very painful for you. Forks out.

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