The most significant factor, in this case, was the hurdle of explaining how someone can get catastrophically hurt despite low property damage. RB is a client that was hit by a reckless driver who was not following basic safety rules. We were able to show that a pre-existing condition she had actually made her more susceptible to obtaining a much greater injury than what a normal person would suffer in a similar crash.

Even though the insurance company forced us to file a lawsuit, and forced us to prepare for trial for over a year, we stuck to the principle that safety rules can only protect us if we chose to enforce them. For The Bonneau Law Firm, we felt like that started with us.

We ask the insurance company to enforce the safety rules with their insureds, and if they don’t make them, then we ask juries to enforce the safety rules on the defendant. In this particular case, highlighting her pre-existing condition and having qualified doctors explain the vulnerability it creates, was the evidence that made the case understandable.