expert witnesses for TBI casesBrain injury cases can seem subtle to others and, at the same time, be life-altering to the person who has been injured. Because brain injuries and concussions involve a lot of complex data and medical expertise from different specialties, it is critical that you have a lawyer who knows how to put a “team” of caregivers together. Expert witnesses provide specialized knowledge and insights to help the court and the jury understand the complicated medical and economic issues that ultimately decide liability and damages.

Let’s look at what you should know about the critical role expert witnesses play in Texas brain injury lawsuits and how having an experienced Dallas-Fort Worth lawyer who “gets it” can make all the difference.

Examining the Roles Expert Witnesses Play in Texas Brain Injury Cases

Experts play a significant role in The Bonneau Firm’s cases. Their contributions are often essential to helping us achieve just outcomes and recover fair compensation for our clients. Expert findings can provide a compelling and more complete picture of your injuries, the resulting limitations, and how they affect your life and your needs moving forward.

Medical Diagnosis and Causation

Neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychiatrists, radiologists, and other medical specialists can precisely diagnose your brain injury, its cause, and its severity. Radiologists and specialists in neuroimaging can interpret brain scans, such as DTI (diffuse tensor imaging), MRI, or CT scans, to demonstrate the extent and location of your brain damage. Additionally, endocrinologists, eye doctors, and even ear doctors are all potential team members who pull together a clear picture of a concussion or brain injury and how it has altered a person's life.

Treatment and Prognosis

Medical experts can outline brain injury treatment options and their effectiveness. They can also provide insights into your long-term prognosis and potential future medical needs.

Rehabilitation and Care Planning

People with severe brain injuries often require extensive rehabilitation and ongoing care. We ask experts such as neuropsychologists, rehabilitation specialists, and life care planners to assess your rehabilitation needs, ongoing care requirements, and the associated costs. All this information is essential for calculating damages.

Economic Damages

The financial losses in brain injury cases are often significant. Economic experts can calculate your medical expenses, lost earnings, and future costs related to your brain injury, considering important factors like inflation, life expectancy, and future earning capacity.

Demonstrating Negligence

Accident reconstructionists, trucking experts, private investigators, and other experts can help establish the other party’s negligence by providing their findings and analytics on how the accident and injury occurred and whether the defendant could have prevented it by exercising reasonable care.

This expert information is crucial to Texas brain injury cases, especially when the insurance company claims you’re partially responsible or claims you are lying about how your concussion has changed you.  An honest and well-trained expert can defeat an insurance company's tactics by providing logical and sound proof that your case is a legitimate claim.

Providing a Basis for Settlement and Testifying in Court

Expert witnesses can also play a big role in settlement negotiations because their opinions can make the other side realize just how strong your case is. However, if the opposing party won’t offer a reasonable settlement, we’ll see them in court and have our experts testify about their findings.

Experienced and Empathetic Representation for Dallas-Fort Worth Brain Injury Litigation

The Bonneau Firm is a leading Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury practice with a strong focus on concussion and brain injury cases, 18-wheeler accidents, and other catastrophic injuries. Having recovered from concussions while playing college football, attorney Hunt Bonneau brings unparalleled insight to every case.

When you work with our firm, here’s how we’ll incorporate expert testimony into your case:

  • Identify specific needs by reviewing medical records and relevant documents.
  • Compile a list of potential experts from our professional networks and referrals.
  • Research and verify experts' credentials and experience.
  • Arrange for you to be examined by the right specialists and clarify logistics.
  • Present expert testimony to the insurance company
  • If the insurance company ignores the proof, present evidence to a jury during the trial—including during direct and cross-examination.