JD was an 18-year-old female orphan who was living with her grandmother. Her story in not unlike many sexual assault cases where the predator is able to identify vulnerable young ladies and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. JD was hired by a predator who was able to see that she was desperate for a job, she had no father to watch over her, and few family members were keeping up with when she came and went.

The predator worked for a well-known drug chain in the Dallas area. The drug chain was aware that the predator had assaulted other young girls prior to the events with JD, yet failed to terminate him. Without going into the graphic details, it can be said that the predator took advantage of JD requiring her to quit her job and seek counseling.

The Bonneau Law Firm worked to obtain a settlement that allowed JD to get all the medical and psychological care she needed as well as the lost wages. Hunt Bonneau also insisted that the drug chain be held responsible for firing the predator, and implement safety rules so that this would never happen to someone else.

In the end, JD had the resources to start over under brighter circumstances, and the workforce at a certain drug chain in Dallas is a safer place to work.