Rick, a high school basketball coach, spent time researching for an experienced lawyer but found that most of the lawyers that advertised were not lawyers he felt proud to be associated with. Rick wanted someone who would give him individual attention and who actually cared about people. The case involved a medical laboratory that tested for cancer and which put profits over safety by pushing its employees to work too fast when handling tissue slides.

As a result, Rick’s healthy specimen was mixed with a different body tissue of someone else, that tested positive for cancer. Mistakenly thinking he had cancer, his doctors required Rick to undergo surgeries and procedures that would eventually limit his mobility and permanently affect his ability to function normally. The laboratory refused to admit that its policies were designed to go faster than what is safe, and so Hunt was forced to do extensive research and private investigations to “find” and “dig up” proof.

Hunt searched to find former employees who had moved off to other cities and states who could testify about the company’s unsafe procedures. In the end, Hunt found the “smoking gun,” the employee who confused the laboratory slides leading to Rick’s injury. She admitted that she had been pressured by the laboratory to go faster and faster until it was impossible to do her job safely.

After she made the mistake, the company, in order to hide her from Hunt and his team, fired her and did not disclose where she went. Ultimately, the firm’s extensive investigations and refusal to accept no as an answer, generated a $3 million settlement.