Christy went through three different lawyers before finding Hunt. The previous lawyers dismissed Christy saying that frankly, they did not believe she could have suffered a real concussion because her car did not look like it had been in a very big crash. When she came to Hunt, she was suffering from memory loss, forgetfulness, focus, difficulty communicating, and headaches. She became irritable and rude, and her family and friends no longer enjoyed her company. Further, because of some prior history at a psychological hospital, no attorney was willing to “get on board” with financial resources to work the case.

First, Hunt vigorously re-examined her medical records to make sure that previous doctors and lawyers had accurately analyzed her condition. Hunt used the help of his medical team consisting of medical doctors, psychologists, and neuropsychologists to tie up loose ends in the medical history in order to get a clear and honest picture of what Christy was actually suffering from.

Hunt spent the time and money to prepare the case for a trial in a way that showed her injuries in a truthful light that was fair and based on medical reason. This resulted in an insurance company’s willingness to reexamine the case in a new light and see a viewpoint they knew a jury would see that Christy had suffered real injuries that would affect her for the rest of her life.

Hunt said, "At first glance, when you looked at the lack of damage to her car and pre-existing medical conditions, it was easy to dismiss any claim that she had been hurt. But concussions are a unique injury that often get overlooked initially by ER rooms and attorneys not skilled at detecting the subtle nuances of the injury. I am in the people business, and I look for truth-tellers when I look for clients because I believe people who are judging usinsurance companies, juries, doctors, etc.demand that we are truthful. When I met Christy, I knew it was a case I HAD to take, whether I wanted to or not. She was a truth-teller, and I just wanted to help her. After meeting her and dissecting her records with our medical team, we knew her injuries were not only real but devastating to her. Even though we were not sure we could explain it well in the beginning, but we knew we were telling the truth. And if we could figure out a way to get the truth communicated in a clear way, then justice would prevail. This time, justice prevailed.”