Hunt Bonneau reporting live. Today, we’re going to talk about mediation. Mediation comes at the end of the case. Right before you go to trial and have the lawyer fight, you sit down and try to settle. I always think about the old Chuck Norris movies, Bruce Lee, right before the fight, there’s essentially a mediation. And what happens? We all see the bad guy, and the bad guy comes up and tries to intimidate. They try to do the intimidation. And that’s exactly what we’re going to get here today. Insurance companies don’t really want the fight, so they bring forth their intimidation. We’re going to go Chuck Norris on them. We’re going to bring today reasonable logical evidence. Give them the chance to settle the case, but show them how we’re going to win the fight. We’re going to bring you along. So, come on.

As we go through the mediation today, I’m actually going to show you the different strategies that we use to try to add value to our client’s case.

What they didn’t know is if they choose to fight us, we’re going to bring photographs from the scene where the police, themselves, went out, tested the faculties of that driver, and learned that she couldn’t even stand up.

This is a DWI [crosstalk 00:01:21].

This is a DWI. We’ve got somebody that’s a danger to everybody on Sunday morning.

Did your client speak to her at the scene?


Briefly. And they recognized-

I retreated back to the truck.

Yeah. He had about $35,000 in property damage.

So there’s a biblical policy that when your adversary’s taking you to court, take every opportunity that you can to sell the case. That’s exactly what we had here today. There was an opportunity for the insurance company to settle the case.

By showing them the evidence that we had, i.e. the weapons that we were going to take to the fight. We were able to convince them, through a really good mediator, that this was one that they wanted to settle.

Mediations are successful when you come prepared. You have your law and order, but you also have facts that you can show the other side, letting them know that all their intimidations aren’t going to work. And when the real lawyer fight starts, we are going to be the ones prepared to win. And that’s exactly what we did here today.

For the Bonneau Law Firm, I’m Hunt Bonneau, you guys have a great day.

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