Hey group. Yesterday, I got 3,000 views on a message that I felt like came straight from God. A little scared ain saying that. Probably get some comments on that. But I woke up this morning. I thought, “well, I’m going to roll with it.” There was a song that was in my head the minute I woke up and I could remember the lyrics. I didn’t know who sang the song or even about the song. And I didn’t go listen to it. But I just, in my quiet time was reading about where God talks about being the only way to heaven and the only way to a rich and satisfying life.

In John 10, he just talks about how any other way into the sheep pen, if there’s any other shepherd that tries to jump the fence or sneak in they’re just robbers and thieves. But the way to a rich and satisfying life, the only way is through Jesus. He says, “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. The thief’s purpose is to steal.” And that’s what’s going on right now. Our rich and satisfying life is being destroyed. There’s another person getting in the middle of black and white and Latinos and all that.

And so this song came. Hear the lyrics. This is a song that I don’t really know. “Give me your heart, give me your song, sing it with all your might. Come to the fountain. You can be satisfied.” Give me your heart. You know, black, white people, our heart, doesn’t go to Washington, DC. Our heart doesn’t go to the NAACP. Our heart doesn’t go to the KKK. We’re just not going to legislate morality. We’re not going to legislate loving each other. But there was somebody, named Jesus, 2,000 years ago that said, “Give me your heart. My purpose is to give you a rich and satisfying life.”

I mean, I wonder if it could be that easy. That black folks, that even in their oppression, even in this time of being horribly treated, testified about the good things God has done for them. Tell of the wonderful things he has done. And white people or Latinos or whoever, everybody just looking at their own self. I can only look at myself. That’s what I did yesterday. Look at myself and saw where I was wrong and repent of that. But white people, tell of the wonderful things he’s done. Tell of the way he’s helped you change, changed your heart. We need to testify.

And then I looked at this song that was given to me this morning. Guess what the name of this band is? Need to Breathe. I think it’s time to testify about the one whose purpose is to give us a rich and satisfying life because we all need to breathe. I guess I’m going to turn this off.

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