Hey, everybody has done their video. I wanted to do mine. Prior to this particular event, I was one of those that when people said black lives matter, I would have said, well, all lives matter. I was captain obvious because all lives do matter. But I think this time I’m okay putting hashtag black lives matter.

Jesus was very specific when he was talking about race when he told the story of the good Samaritan. We all know that he, specifically with regards to race, gave an example of what we’re supposed to do. And he mentioned, he singled out the Samaritans. Samaritans and Jews didn’t get along, probably worse than it is here. But he singled out in trying to explain how you’re supposed to love your neighbor, which of course he says is most important thing we’re to do to is love our neighbor, is this man went and took the Samaritan to the hospital. He bandaged him up. He paid for his medical bills. He left some money behind in case he needed any more money. He loved him. We’re supposed to love them, and it’s okay to single out that at this sensitive time, during this sensitive time, black lives matter because they’re doubting that. And it’s our job to do that, even though all lives matter, even though white lives matter, we get that.

But the point is, and the hashtag point is, that it’s probably a time that we need to take on that parable that Jesus taught us about loving our neighbor and going and taking care of these folks. And so that’s why I’m saying, black lives matter.

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