Accidents come with injuries, damage, and leave a wake of repairs and bills. But motorcycle accidents come with unique risks inherent with riding. The causes of motorcycle accidents, the injuries and liability issues associated with motorcycle accidents are very different from car accidents. At The Bonneau Law Firm, our accident attorneys have been helping accident victims pursue compensation for their injuries and losses for over 16 years. Here is a primer on the unique factors and risks of motorcycle accidents.

The Risks

Motorcycles are much smaller and less stable than cars, not to mention, they are not enclosed like cars. Because of these characteristics, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury or death. Some of the risks to motorcycle riding include:

Less visible to cars. Because of their size, motorcycles can be hidden in blind spots or behind objects on or off the road, especially at intersections.

Road hazards. Because motorcycles only run on two (or three) wheels, they are less stable and far more light than a car, so things like debris, uneven pavement, or wet payment can be even more dangerous to motorcycles.

No enclosure. Unlike cars, motorcycle riders are not protected by walls, floor, and ceiling of metal. Motorcycles do not have safety features like airbags, seatbelts, or even a horn, in most cases. These things make it even more important that bikers wear protective, visible clothing and helmets.

Skill level. Riding a motorcycle requires much more of a specific skill set and strength capacity than driving a car. Unskilled riders create a risk to themselves and those they share the road with.

The Liability

Liability in most accidents is dictated by the law of “negligence,” it is the same in motorcycle accidents. A person’s legal and financial responsibility for an accident is determined by their careless or reckless role in the accident. In many motorcycle accidents, it is the driver of another car or truck that is negligent. By speeding, running a red light, or not checking their blind spots, a driver can cause an accident.

But sometimes the motorcyclist can be negligent. By speeding, engaging in high-risk behavior, or driving inebriated, a motorcyclist can be just as responsible as the driver of a car for an accident that could have serious consequences.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle, car, truck or any other type of vehicle accident, the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Bonneau Law Firm may have the resources to help you. Call us today at (972) 316-4100 for more information.

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