Hunt Bonneau reporting live alongside entertainer, Reese Bonneau, also my marketing guru. Today, we’re answering your questions. This past week, we’ve gotten three new questions from viewers. Take a look.

One of the questions that got sent in is probably the most often question we get, and that’s what’s the value of our case? And many times that just comes in on a phone call and they don’t give us any kind of information to evaluate. And I often say the price of life, the price of your injury is not like a jug of milk. It’s more complex than that. Some of the factors you can think about are how has your mobility been changed by the injury? How has your independence, how has your life been altered by the injury? Those have a big factor on what the value of your case is.

But most importantly, you need to get in to an expert, somebody who has years of experience, who can start applying all of the different factors to evaluate what your case has been worth.

Thank you for watching our answers. And if you would like to send in a question, go down into the comments, write out your question, and in next week’s video, me and entertainer Reece Bonneau will do that. So for Reece Bonneau and Hunt Bonneau with Bonneau Law Firm have a good day.

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