Hunt Bonneau represents victims of 18 wheeler crashes, truck wrecks and car crashes, with a specialty in concussion and brain injuries.

The videos posted contain real client reviews related to legal cases which involve victims of personal injury and wrongful death. On a personal side Bonneau believes we all are the hands and feet of Jesus and posts videos of victims who have suffered concussions and brain injuries, and includes their insight into the legal struggles in obtaining fair compensation.

“It’s victory day here at the Bonneau Law Firm, and victory day is when we get justice. And justice for us is when an insurance company says to a client, “You’re just not hurt.” And we’re able to come in and show the symptoms of a concussion, how they manifest in a person’s life and ultimately how they alter their life. Take a look at this five-star review from our client.

The hard part is the wait, the fight with the insurance company. The insurance company didn’t want to pay the vehicle being fixed. Trouble focusing, forgetting things, constantly having to write down notes so you would remember from one minute to the other. You would be in the middle of doing something, and then you’d stop and forget what you were doing. So you have to stop and remember. Like at work, what was I doing? If somebody interrupts you, it’s hard to get back on task.

Did you never have the opportunity to try to explain that to the insurance company before?

No, they didn’t want to listen to any of that. They didn’t care about anything that had to do with skeletal, or soft tissue or head injuries or anything that. They weren’t concerned with that. I was only expecting to have my bills covered, and then not really having much leftover. But this exceeded my expectations, this I can put in the bank in case I have something come up down the road with the concussion or other injuries that I had.”

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